Suryavamsham | Episode - 272 | Best Scene | 24 July 2018 | Telugu Serial

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Опубликован в 01 Aug 2018 / В Фильм и сериалы

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Radha is born as the 2nd daughter in Suryavamsham Jamindar family. After her fathe's death, her sister was killed by her brother-in-law Adi Shankar to take the property and power in his hands. Radha escapes from the village to protect her sister's son from the cruel Adi Shankar along with her two younger sisters. Krishna, is in love with Radha and keeps waiting for her. After 15 years, Radha and Krishna come across each other as strangers. Will Radha be able to protect her sister's son from Adi Shankar? Will Radha and Krishna come together and happily wed for ever after ? These questions form the crux of the story.

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