HUNTER RANGER SKILLS SHOWCASE! Pt1 AT WILL! Neverwinter Shadowmantle Gameplay 7, LightItUp!

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Опубликован в 24 Nov 2018 / В азартные игры

Gameplay / Commentary / Let's Play w/facecam of Neverwinter: Shadowmantle! This is part 1 of 3 showcasing all of the Hunter Ranger's active skills! Enjoy :)

Part 1 takes a look at At Will skills.

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This is the excellent free to play MMO Neverwinter! Module 2: Shadowmantle has just gone live, bringing with it the new class, Hunter Ranger, new Paragon Paths for existing classes, artifacts, the Dread Ring campaign as well as an overhaul of several mechanics in the game, including runestones and enchanting. This is a really exciting time in game so I thought I'd jump in, create a Ranger Hunter character and show you what's going down with their starting skills and skills to come.

This is a Hunter Ranger skills showcase for all of their active skills, part 1 taking a look at their At Will skills. I give you my perspective on the abilities, their various uses in conjunction with weapon enchantments, passive skills & feats, if they are useful in early, mid & late game and rate them out of 5 for PvE and PvP. This is in my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to play the game, I hope I can help you to make an informed decision on the skills you wish to devote points into.

We'll be playing through the game in "the right order" if you like, doing relevant quests, skirmishes, dungeons and pvp events, so to that end it can also serve as a walkthrough or playthrough should you require any reference points to guide you where to go or what to do next, as the game is very open to a customized approach for the various stages and areas as most MMOs are. You may pick up a few hints, tips and tricks in the videos and I certainly hope they'll provide some help. :)

You can expect me to be releasing new episodes in this series on a regular basis, around 3 to 4 times a week, so if you enjoy the videos be sure to check back often!

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