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Watch Bengali full movie Bhanu Goenda Jahar Assistant বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Bhanu Goenda Jahar Assistant was released in the year 1971, Directed by Purnendu Roychoudhury, starring Subhendu Chattopadhyay, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay, Jahar Roy, Nripati Chattyopadhyay, Pahari Sanyal, Lily Chakraborty.

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Movie: Bhanu Goenda Jahar Assistant
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Producer: Joydeep Pictures
Director: Purnendu Roychoudhury
Story: Pranab Roy
Music Director: Shyamal Mitra
Lyricist: Pranab Roy
Playback: Shyamal Mitra, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, Leena Ghatak
Release: 1971
Star cast: Shubhendu Chattopadhyay, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay, Jahar Roy, Nripati Chattyopadhyay, Pahari Sanyal, Lily Chakraborty, Sital Bandyopadhyay, Bankim Ghosh, Biren Chattopadhyay, Haridhan Mukhopadhyay, Sailen Ganguly, Ashok Mukhopadhyay, Kalyani Ghosh, Rupak Majumdar

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Nupur fled from her Delhi house because of her marriage had been fixed with a very ugly looking man. She came to Calcutta to her college friend, but that place was not safe for her. As a result, she took shelter in Anjan Mukherjee’s house. Anjan a bachelor music director and singer, originally from Lucknow initially became very irritated and disturbed, but later he understood the problem of Nupur and helped her. In such a situation, the great detective Bhanu and Jahar entered. They were following Nupur and tried lever best to solve the case. Dr. Digambar Chatterjee had declared prize money of ten thousand rupees for her lost child. After a funny incident at Lalmati, Anjan got married Nupur and Bhanu and Jahar able to catch Nupur Mukherjee not Nupur Chatterjee.

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