Кино -- Звезда по имени Солнце

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Кино -- Звезда по имени Солнце (1989)
Kino -- A star named Sun (1989)

White snow, grey ice
On the cracked earth
Like a patchwork blanket
A city lies on it in a road loop
And above the city the clouds float
Covering the skylight
And above the city there is yellow smoke
The city has lived for two thousand years
Under the light of the star
Named Sun
And two thousand years the war lasts
A war without certain reasons
The war is the issue of the young ones
A medicine against wrinkles
The red, red blood
In an hour is only ground
In two there are flowers and grass on it
In three it is alive again
And kept warm by the beams of the star
Named Sun
And we know it was always like that
That the Fate loves more the ones
Who live by other laws
And who will die young
He doesn't remember the words "yes" or "no"
He doesn't remember neither ranks nor names
And can reach the stars
As he considers it's not a dream
And fall burnt by the star
Named Sun

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